About This Blog

I spend my days thinking about health–my own, my family’s, my patients’, community health, global health.

How to turn our sickcare system into a healthcare system.

How to make our medical care delivery system more effective and just.

How to support healthy individual behaviors, social behaviors, community structures.

How to integrate medicine in society to support health.

I believe that to transform our medical sick-care system to a true health-care system, we need to understand and address the social and structural determinants of health.

With Prevention Not Prescription, I will explore a new approach to medicine, health, healthcare, and caring, all encompassing.

Interdisciplinary. Intersectoral. Integrating biology, psychology and sociology to address individual health. Integrating medicine, education, justice, transportation, housing, agriculture, policing, energy, defense, parks and recreation to address population health.

My goal is to support the creation of a society that promotes health via prevention, not prescription.


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