Saludogenesis: The Beginning of Something New

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end—Seneca

Today, I am starting something new (and as I write that, I break into a big grin).

Committing to sharing with others through my writing what I have learned and am learning about optimizing health on all levels, starting with myself, and working outwards. This is still prevention not prescription, transforming from sick care to health care. But with a slightly different focus.

In the past, I wrote as an advocate on a systems level: to describe our world as I see it, envision the world as I would like it to be, then act to make the changes I would like to see in this world. I was dedicated to changing medicine in the United States from a sick care to a health care system, and shared stories from my patients to advocate for the changes needed on a systems level- the passage of the Affordable Care Act to bring insurance to all (successful in policy, with limitations in reality), and sensible measures to combat the epidemic of gun violence (no change in policy with a worsening reality).


Today, I recognize and celebrate that health begins inside each of us.  We need to care for ourselves to bring health to this world, nurturing compassion and kindness for ourselves and others. We can replace the pathogenic perspective of medicine (sickness comes from bugs and injuries and insults and harms that we must avoid or combat with aggressive interventions) with a saludogenic perspective (health comes from a series of actions and attitudes and choices that we embrace and actively pursue as fully actualized human beings pursuing life, liberty and happiness in secure environments).  Beginning in individual cells and the genes we awaken, extending to our care of our minds and bodies and spirits, our relationships with our families, and communities, creating and sustaining positive social systems within an external natural environment that supports our bodies and souls– here in this space I will begin again to explore, celebrate and share what I have learned and am learning to promote individual and societal health in this beautiful, scary, vulnerable, imperfect and perfectible world we live in.

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