A Shooting License: Gun Safety 101

The patient with the gun shot wound to the arm came back to clinic, and is healing nicely.  Home nursing is working out a little less nicely. Challenges in coordinating care–two visits in two weeks. Still, between my care and their care, and the natural healing of the human body, the gun shot wound is healing nicely.  The patient is still feeling grateful.

“Thank God it’s only my arm,” she said. “Since it happened to me I hear it everyday on the news. Not just here. Overseas. Everywhere. Too many guns in this world. Too many people don’t even know how to use them. Just shooting. Just pulling the trigger.”

I wish that every gun owner in this world were required to know how to use guns, safely.

A solution!

A solution!

I envision a world where everyone has the right to own a gun, or more than one gun–but every gun is tracked with a gun identification number, that belongs to a registered owner who has passed a standardized gun safety test to become a legal gun owner.  Imagine if every gun came out of the factory stamped with a GIN. And this GIN were tracked and registered as it passed from a gun dealer to an individual owner.  And the only people allowed to legally use the gun would be those with a gun safety license. Only after passing a written test, and demonstrating proficiency on a shooting range, could someone receive a shooting license.

Unconstitutional, some might scream.

Already in place, I would respond–but for cars, not guns. Vehicle identification numbers with cars registered to a particular owner (either a dealer or an individual). Titles to be transferred from one car owner to another, and tracked. Driver’s tests–written and on-the-road–to get the driver’s license.

We regulate cars and drivers to keep our roads safe.

Why not regulate guns and shooters to keep our neighborhoods safe?

4 thoughts on “A Shooting License: Gun Safety 101

    • Thanks for sharing the link!
      For gun deaths:
      Suicides > homicides.
      Suicides = old white men
      Homicides = young black men
      Stories are percolating in my mind for an upcoming post on this…

  1. I agree wholeheartedly that this would be an improvement. I don’t think we’ll ever get to the ideal: guns only legally in the hands of law enforcement. That would require a seismic cultural shift… Not gonna happen. What you suggest, however, is logical, sane, safe, and conceivable in the U.S.A. Someday.

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