Gratitude in the New Year

The snow is falling in Chicago. Potentially 11 inches in the next few days, which means only one thing–cross country skiing!

I’m warm, wrapped under a blanket on the couch curled up next to a napping husband.

My stomach is full, after two pieces of my mom’s delicious holiday cranberry-orange nut bread (thank you, Mom).

YogaCare is envisioned, and is unfolding, with friends and family and strangers supporting it (thank you!)

My lovely new computer is behaving nicely.

Friends are doing well–one newly engaged, another exploring medical director possibilities.

Family is healthy (with the exception of one little nephew, stricken by the flu, alas).

And Art exists in this world, as proven, once again, by a visit to the Art Institute. So easy to forget in the crush of caring for patients and tending to students. Visions of angels and demons and earthly temptations and corrupt politicians floating in Joseph Ensor’s “The Temptations of St Anthony.” Feeling soul satisfaction connecting with how others perceive and represent the world–imperfect, roiled and roiling that it is, and beautiful too.

I’m grateful for every reader who comes to this blog to share perspectives–thank you for stopping by in your life’s journey.

One thought on “Gratitude in the New Year

  1. You say thank you and that you are grateful for readers, I say Thank You for your posts, thank you for practicing medicinal, Thank You for being…

    I am enjoying reading your posts and now the dilemma is that I don’t want to seem like a stalker /creep, lol. Nor do I want to feel as if I’m breaching privacy by over Liking, etc.

    However, I must say that I’ve yet to meet you and yet intrigued by the property because your writings remind me of the kinds of conversations and care that I received
    from my previous GP who went to for years and became our friend as well as our physician. He retired six years ago and health care has been touch and go since. So I’m happy you are here and socially conscious. Yay!

    PS. Good move to use writing as a catharsis. I haven’t had my first appt.and already concerned that you may burn out, lol.

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