Week 6: Health Policy, Advocacy and Access

Health policy and advocacy week with the Summer Service Partnership!
I can’t believe we only have one more week to go.

Summer Service Partnership

Today was “access to care” day for the Summer Service Partnership, with attention to health policy and advocacy thrown in for good measure. 

In class, students shared drafts of their op/eds and their photovoice tours of health issues in their neighborhoods, prepping for next week’s presentation. We discussed the Affordable Care Act and thought about the political process of passing laws, then implementing them. 

Over lunch, the Institute of Politics partnered with the Summer Service Partnership to host a panel: Public Health, Policy and Advocacy: Building the Environment that Determines our Health.

The goal of the panel was to understand recent public health legislation, the process by which legislation is developed and passed, and how public health policies are implemented on the ground, in the cities and communities where we live.

I moderated a fantastic panel including three distinguished speakers who implement, write and oversee public health legislation from the city, state and national…

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