Week One South Chicago: Salvador speaks

Today I enjoyed my day with the youth of New Sullivan Elementary school in south Chicago. We created a miniature bond and helped each other critically think through the games and team building exercise’s. We also celebrated Salvador’s “Welcoming into Becoming a Citizen” and talked about how we felt as a whole about the activities and youth. I learned how to deal with students among many ages, but what stood out to me about their school was their principal Mrs. McCoy. She discussed with us the social and emotional learning and academic stability of her school for four years. Also what she would change about her school, which was to get more parents involved in their children’s life. Many of the youth are devalued because of the disparities and or mom and dad aren’t worried about education anymore. The focus was how are they going to eat that night. Mrs. McCoy’s story had an impact on me because she also was a child who was devalued, parents were in poverty and feel the same as these children. I loved her story and appreciated the time she spent telling it.                 


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