The Formula for Health (from Dr Colin Kerr)

Fellow family physician (plus he’s a lawyer! with a masters in public health! my dream combo!) Colin Kerr MD, JD, MPH has been writing a great physician newsletter for years, and now he’s launching a new blog over at

He advocates for healthy living, finds and explains the new studies that might change physician practice, and overall keeps family physicians up to date on the info and approaches we need to provide the best care possible for our patients.

For physicians: you can check out his latest post on the JNC 8’s newest guidelines on how to handle blood pressure. (For the non-doctors in the audience, JNC 8 = joint national commission, and this is the eighth time they’ve switched things up on docs with new advice based on new studies on how best to handle America’s #1 silent killer, hypertension. The summary: maybe you need less meds.)

For everyone: you can appreciate this great infographic on what it takes to be healthy that I lifted from his last newsletter.

Formula for Health



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