Thanks Giving

I am giving thanks today. 

For family, who endure. Endearingly.
For food, which fills my belly. Perhaps too much? Obesogenically.
For my body, which allows me to inhabit this world, and interact with others.
For warmth, of the home, that keeps my body in comfort.
For stable society, free of war on the home front, that allows me to leave my home each morning without worrying if I will return that night. 
For health, a heady mixture of warmth and food and exercise and family and friends and peaceful living in a comfortable home, made possible by the medical care and social stability needed to stay well, cure disease, and prevent death.
I am remembering my Medzmama, whose 90th birthday we celebrated last Thanksgiving, whose body we buried in July. I remember tales of her earliest years as a Christian refugee in Syria.
I am remembering the 150,000 Syrians killed this year in a terrible civil war, where rebel jihadis target Christians. I remember the Iraqis, Afghanis, people of the Central African Republic previously known as the Congo. 
I am remembering the boy of the South Side, shot in the head the same night my grandmother’s heart failed. 
I am mourning the natural loss of my Grandmother
I am mourning the cruel needless loss of all whose lives have been cut short by gun violence, legal and illegal, in open armed conflict and the low intensity warfare of Chicago’s South Side streets.
I am giving thanks for the hope I feel
For the possibility of change
For new gun laws in America
For new approaches to armed conflict internationally
For love in the homes
Spreading into love on the streets.
Health spreading through society
An epidemic of fulfilled stabilityImage

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